About me

Jewels – those, either small, big, or even bigger pieces of heaven that we love decorating our bodies with. Aspired to become more beautiful. Or to attract people’s attention. Or we sometimes use them as a way of expressing ourselves; to express who we are or who we would like to be in the eyes of others. Or to fill the missing part of our personalities. Jewels can be used to highlight something in our bodies that we like, or the opposite- to hide what we dislike. There are some jewels that are so powerful in attracting people’s attention that we can’t go unnoticed. Why not?
No matter what meaning you assign to these precious objects, or even if they don’t mean anything to you, I would happy if you find something here that intrigues you. And after all, if we’re not open to change and experience the journey of new realms and tastes, what’s the point of being gifted this beautiful life?